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Liquid Membrane Roofing

Liquid Membrane Roofing

What Is Liquid Membrane

Liquid membrane roofing is a type of waterproof roofing system composed of a liquid-applied material, typically acrylic or polyurethane. This material is applied in layers to create a seamless waterproof barrier on the roof. The membrane is usually reinforced with a fabric or mesh, which is embedded into the liquid material and helps to increase the strength of the waterproof layer. Liquid membrane roofing is often used on flat roofs and can provide superior protection against water damage and leaks.

Our Tile Roofing Services in New York Include

Slate, with its unique appearance and natural color variations, reflects enduring quality. Choose a slate roof from Master Roofing Inc in New York, where we specialize in genuine hand-split quarried slate roofing. With a wide selection of sizes and colors, we’ll enhance your home’s beauty and longevity.

We work with metal roofing tiles, often steel or aluminum, for both commercial and residential projects. Our dedication ensures competitive prices and excellent service and products.

Master Roofing Inc. offers affordable concrete tile roofing services with expert installation using high-quality materials and modern techniques for various building types.

Master Roofing Inc excels in composite slate roof tiles, combining natural and synthetic elements for superior durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic roofing.

Solar roof tiles, replacing conventional materials, generate electricity from the Sun. When installed in New York by Master Roofing Inc., they significantly cut power costs. We prioritize quality and exceptional customer service.

Master Roofing Inc excels in clay tile roofing, preserving beauty and durability with machine production, high-quality materials, and expert installation at reasonable rates

Master Roofing Inc specializes in synthetic Spanish barrel tile roofing, offering timeless elegance, fire resistance, recyclability, and easy maintenance for lasting beauty and protection.

Synthetic Spanish barrel tiles from Master Roofing Inc offer timeless elegance without requiring extensive roof reinforcement. These recyclable, fire-resistant tiles come in diverse colors and demand less maintenance than clay tiles. Our top-quality products enhance and protect any structure.

Our composite tiles, resistant to warping, fractures, splits, decay, and fungus, replicate cedar shake roofs. We offer top-quality synthetic cedar tile roofing and installation services for enduring beauty and durability.

Why Should You Go With Liquid Membrane Roofing?

When compared to alternative roofing systems, liquid membrane roofing provides various advantages, including:


Without adding substantial weight to the current underlying roofing system or structure, liquid membranes provide remarkable protection against water infiltration and other environmental conditions.


The durability and dependability of liquid membrane roofing contribute to the estimated lifetime of the roof system to which it is applied. Furthermore, most formulations have increased reflectivity, which helps to cut cooling expenditures throughout the summer. Also, due to its low weight, it may be installed over existing roof surfaces (in excellent condition) without increasing insulation to fulfill the various energy code requirements that apply when replacing existing roof systems.


When properly applied, liquid roofing solutions create an incredibly resilient yet flexible shield, protecting against abrasions, chemical spills, impacts, and the stresses of extreme weather conditions.

Environmentally Friendly

Liquid membrane roofing systems are made from non-toxic materials, making them an eco-friendly choice. In addition, they can be recycled or reused, reducing the amount of waste created by traditional roofing materials.

Easy Installation

Liquid membrane roofing systems are considerably safer to install than other roofing materials. Bitumen, for example, must be heated to higher degrees in a kettle before it becomes a liquid, which enables it to be distributed in situ. This produces a strong stink and raises the risk of kettle fires or staff burns. The use of roof torches in the installation of modified bitumen membranes has sparked building fires. In contrast, the liquid membrane application does not need heating and produces less odor because of the low V.O.C.

Types of Liquid Membrane Roof Systems

Our industry’s three most common forms of liquid membrane systems are polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), polyurethane, and silicone. The reinforcing fabric is immersed in the liquid and chemically attached to the neighboring membrane in these systems. Because the membrane can flow around any puncture, it produces superior flashing details than other roofing systems. These systems come with lengthy manufacturer warranties of up to 30 years.

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These fast-healing and highly durable liquid membrane systems offer versatility across temperatures with catalysts, inhibitors, and seasonal grades. PMMA liquid-applied membranes also enable straightforward, long-term repairs thanks to their chemical bonds. Some low-V.O.C. variants suit enclosed spaces, like indoor fountains. However, due to their limited “pot life,” there’s higher waste. Application with squeegees and rollers often incurs increased labor costs.

Polyurethane liquid membranes offer PMMA-like benefits: fast curing and easy patching. Key difference: component count. Two types: multicomponent (quick but short pot life) and single-component (slower cure but longer shelf life). Apply with squeegee, roller, or sprayer. Sprayer’s speed reduces labor costs, but strict temperature conditions (typically 40-50 degrees or higher) demand careful installation planning.

Silicone-based liquid roof systems typically skip the need for a primer and can be applied with a squeegee, roller, or sprayer. They share benefits with PMMA and Polyurethane systems but have a stronger odor, limiting their suitability in sensitive places like hospitals and schools.

Liquid Membrane Roofing At Master Roofing Inc

If you’re looking for a reliable liquid membrane roofing company in the New York City area, look no further than Master Roofing Inc

At Master Roofing Inc, we offer high-quality liquid membrane roofing services to meet your needs. Our expert technicians will inspect your roof and use the latest technology and materials to install a durable membrane designed to last. We understand that every roof is different and can provide customized residential and commercial property solutions. Our team, with years of experience, dedicates itself to delivering excellent customer service, ensuring quality workmanship, and providing dependable roofing solutions.

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